Starting in 2020, the World Day of Engineering for Sustainable Development will be celebrated every March 4, a celebration framed within the UN 2030. The objective, the presentation of engineering and technology projects that allow to achieve the goals set out in the Sustainable Development Plan proposed by the nations.

In TFS Grupo we promote this work philosophy since our origin, as we believe that society must move together towards a sustainable and renewable energy model. The electricity bill continues to rise year after year, becoming more and more prohibitive for the family economy. Therefore, we need to achieve energy independence for our homes.

The role of engineers in society is key when it comes to thinking about its future. On them falls the responsibility to develop not only new technologies, but also methods that allow people to continue to obtain the necessary resources without putting the planet at risk.

That is why, at TFS Energía, we want to make this transformation process a reality and make solar technology accessible to everyone. Our plans are adjusted to make photovoltaic energy accessible to all families. In this way, the economic part of the project will not be an impediment to achieve energy independence. The energetic future is to be conquered, the way to do it will only depend on us.