Every 21st of October for almost a decade now, the World Energy Conservation Day has been commemorated. The objective, to make society aware of the need to take care of the world’s natural resources, where energy plays a key role as a synonym for economic growth, human development and environmental sustainability.

The origin of the celebration of World Energy Conservation Day goes back to the opening in 2012 of the World Energy Forum in Dubai, where the 2030 goal was established to ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all.

From TFS Grupo we promote environmental sustainability because we are aware of the protection of the environment and the obvious consequences of climate change. Therefore, through the promotion of green energies, not only is there a greater management of savings, but also the energy impact on the atmosphere is reduced.

The European Union is part of the parties committed to establishing a sustainable, competitive, safe and decarbonized energy system. In this sense, the commitment of the EU and the member countries is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, increasing the proportion of renewable energy consumed, improving energy security and competitiveness in Europe and achieving significant energy savings.

In this sense, many companies and individuals are joining the conversion ‘green’, as a commitment to sustainability with great advantages, environmental, ecological and also financial. If this is your case, you can contact our technical team of engineers, who advise and supply large entities, public administrations and networks of installers with the energy products needed to cover the growing demand for renewable energy.

In TFS Grupo we are specialized in the supply of photovoltaic modules and recharging points for electric vehicles, complying with worldwide standards and requirements.