At TFS Grupo we are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices. For this reason, we encourage the development and creation of sponsorship and patronage programs. In this context, we have signed with the corporation Ekofastba a collaboration agreement with the Asociación de Futbolistas del Valencia C.F (AFVCF). Thanks to this agreement, we are the main partners for this season and we will promote the sponsorship of the schools’ equipment, which have an agreement with the AFVCF, where more than 350 soccer players play. The main objective of the agreement is to strengthen the actions of the association’s social program, aimed at improving school performance and reinforcing security against the coronavirus Covid-19.

The agreement was sealed this Thursday with the presence of Carmen Gavilá, CEO of TFS, Victor Stern, president of Ekofastba, Fernando Giner, president of the Association and the ambassador of Valencia CF, Miguel Tendillo.

Among the activities in which Ekofastba and TFS will collaborate are the Football Schools of the AFVCF in Nàquera and Alaquàs, the School of Wheelchair Football – A-Ball and the Academy of Indoor Football of the Valencia CF, based at the Colegio Patronato San José Obrero in Valencia.

In addition, we will be present in the numerous activities with social purposes that the Che association carries out. Among them, we highlight the Football in the City of Valencia, which consists of visiting dozens of schools in the Province of Valencia, and the Cor Blanquinegre Schools, with those at risk of social exclusion seeking to improve school performance, behavior and academic performance, when health conditions have allowed it.

One of the objectives of the Association of Footballers of Valencia C.F. is precisely to promote, create or participate in the management of the teaching or practice of soccer, through the experience of former players from Valencia.

For all this, we wanted to join this social action in a year where solidarity is especially relevant.

Ekofastba is a company specialized in remote sensing services, technology development and remote monitoring with a long history in the field of artificial intelligence worldwide, as well as investments in sustainable energy.

Victor Stern y Fernando Giner

At TFS Grupo we specialize in business and financial consulting, renewable energies and corporate communication. Both corporations focus their business practices on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the aim of contributing to a fairer society and protecting the environment.