Legal Division

Legal advice allows entrepreneurs to make good and appropriate decisions, based on and adapted to the business they carry out.

Our company has a great diversification of services that facilitates the obtaining of:

Financing mainly through private investors or business angels

Contractual advice with customers, suppliers and distributors

We simplify marketing or service delivery processes

We provide individualized advice adapted to each organization, whether recently created or with a history. We attend to the needs of each business according to the stage of life in which it is.

We mainly work with startups as recently created companies, which commercialize products and/or services through the intensive use of information and communication technologies.

The strong technological component that characterizes these companies allows them to be able to scale their business in an agile and fast way. All this with a lower capital requirement than traditional companies, but requiring greater security when moving forward at a fast pace.

For this reason, at TFS we accompany startup entrepreneurs, based on innovative business models that operate with minimum costs and following the main objective of rapid growth.

Gabinete Jurídico

Constantly evolving

In addition, the constant evolution of startup companies, have many possibilities of expansion compared to other types of companies due to the intense use of ICT’s reducing operating costs and reaching a larger audience, making a lower investment.

Therefore, our comprehensive advice and the added value of experience facilitate financing and market positioning. In addition, we have professionals specialized in digital communication who promote the presence in local, national and international markets, in a dynamic and direct way.