Energía y recursos naturales

Energy and natural resources

The Spanish energy sector, after the recent regulatory reform, is facing the challenges of recovering demand, of the irruption of new technologies and of meeting these European objectives by 2030.

In this way, companies in the sector are facing the great challenge of introducing profound changes throughout the value chain to adapt to the new expectations of customers and regulators, creating value for their shareholders and opening new sustainable business lines, adapted to the new society that is about to arrive.

To meet these challenges, we offer our clients in the energy and natural resources sector a range of professional services based on experience, quality and profitability due to their level of specialization and multidisciplinary nature.

Solar Energy

Development of photovoltaic and wind-energy projects

Sustainable products for large surfaces

Advice on issues of Green Energy

2030 objectives

In view of the new objectives set for 2030 and the world trend towards energy sustainability, we are opening a line of business for the future to advise and supply large entities, public bodies or networks of installers with the energy products needed to cover the demand of the sustainable trend that is taking hold in society.

In this sense, our organization together with our team of engineers is specialized in the supply of photovoltaic modules and electric vehicle recharging points complying with the standards and requirements worldwide.

Supplier of sustainable material for the production of renewable energy

Provider of recharging points for electric vehicles

Energía TFS renovables

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