We promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions in order to improve our environment and take care of those closest to us.

Sustainable actions

Sports sponsorship

Cultural sponsorship

Participation in social programs

What means CSR?

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the ways for the company to take responsibility and commit itself to the improvement of certain areas that may be of an economic, social, cultural or environmental nature.

By establishing a formal link, the entity must adopt rules, regulations and policies that directly influence the way it acts, in favor of the chosen areas of commitment.

The multidimensionality of CSR means that all departments within the company are involved in this practice. CSR is implemented through our own convictions, making the cause and therefore the activity personal to each of our employees.

Our CSR actions

This practice is very important to us, which is why we cooperate with non-profit organizations and associations in the economic, social and cultural sectors.

We apply CSR by supporting sports, cultural and social sponsorship actions in corporations dedicated to children and people at risk of social exclusion. We engage with organizations and associations to collaborate in the design of programs aimed at improving school performance, behavior and academic performance.

On the other hand, we support social debate projects to promote ideas for the future focused on our community. As a Valencian company we are proud of all those plans dedicated to our city and our people.

We want to fulfill the objectives and wishes of our stakeholders by contributing to initiatives and ideas dedicated to the improvement of everything that matters to us within the aforementioned areas. We are open to any offer whose background is kindness and the spirit of improvement.

We base our collaboration on what we call the 4 Ps: passion, patience, perseverance and perfection. Values that we apply in every cooperation process, as well as in our day-to-day work as a company:

Passion: we believe in the projects we collaborate with, so we put all our efforts into making them work and we enjoy the process.

Patience: we know how hard it can be to start an idea from scratch or to reach certain goals, so we have had to develop the virtue of waiting combined with effort.

Perseverance: we do not only live on patience and passion, therefore, we are constant in everything that the plan entails, in order to maintain continuity and make the project last over time.

Perfection: we make every effort to ensure that each of our actions pursues an optimal result, which is why we guarantee transparent and demanding business practices.

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