TFS provides strategic and functional consulting looking for solutions based on Blockchain that aim to optimize company resources, resulting in cost savings both in economic and time terms.

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We offer a complete solution in blockchain technology services; conception, strategic design, production and implementation. Our specialists in the technical, legal and strategic consulting areas, help our clients to fully integrate the technology with the business, generating from the beginning an added and differential value.


Design and implementation


Technical analysis of Smart Contracts

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain is a technology that allows the exchange of information and transactions between two or more participants through a completely secure and irreversible encryption. This transfer does not require a centralized intermediary to identify and certify the information, but is distributed among multiple independent blockchain network participants (nodes) that record and validate without the need for trust between them. Each participant has an exact copy of the information, allowing traceable and unforgeable transactions to be carried out.

Blockchain’s potential goes beyond the obvious impact on the banking and financial sector; sectors such as insurance, energy, construction, pharmaceuticals, etc. are effectively applying this technology.

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